Dwayne Beccue

Vanguard Personal Defense Intro to Intuitive Defensive Shooting


Introduction to Intuitive Defensive Shooting


The Intro to IDS course is the perfect follow-up course to attend after you have received you CCL. This course is also perfect if you need some

realistic practice to make you more proficient with a handgun in public or for home defense.

Intro to IDS is also offered to give students or those without the time or resources for a full 2 day course an idea of what that course covers,

the core principles of the IDS Program, the fundamental techniques of intuitive defensive shooting and the training methodology that

is used in all of the IDS Programs.

You will learn to efficiently and safely operate your handgun while learning to perform fundamental defensive drills involving the

processing of information, which is very important when using a handgun for personal defense.

Safe and efficient presentartion from the holster will also be covered extensively. A unique facet of the training is learning to

recognize when you need to use your sights or use kinesthetic alignment, this concept alone is well worth the cost of the course.

This training course is approximately 4 hours in length and is not only extremely practical, but very enjoyable as well.

This course will provide the student with base level defensive shooting skills and some ideas for efficient practice of those skills.

Students will fire approximately 250 rounds of ammunition.


Students will need a pistol, a holster (inside or outside the waist) at least 3 magazines for a double stack pistol and 4-5 magazines

for a single stack pistol. Eye and ear protection.