Kevin Mante (Applied Combative Solutions)

ACS Concealed Carry Renewal Course



Persons must be 21 years old and currently possess a valid Illinois Concealed Carry License. Refer to all laws that apply on the Illinois State Police website:

The Training:

You will receive refresher training pursuant to the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act, all required legal sections under the FOID act and Illinois Use of Force Statues. Additionally, you will receive training on the following: Basic Firearms Safety, Home, Vehicle and Public Storage as well as Basic Principles of Marksmanship. A 30 round live fire qualification will also be included as required.


Tuition is $50.00 per person for the 3 hour class. The listed price includes all class materials and range fees. Students must be pre-registered for the above sessions. Interested parties can register by email to: Your email should contain the following information: Which session you are wishing to attend and your name, telephone number, method of payment - cash or personal check (to be paid upon arrival at the class) and made out to: Applied Combative Solutions, LLC. Upon receiving your registration email, a course rules and administration sheet will be emailed back to you with additional information.

Who we are:

Applied Combative Solutions LLC is a Veteran Owned small business providing firearms training and consulting services. Our instructors have been training Military, Law Enforcement, Gov. Contract Security, and Responsible Citizens since 2001. We look forward to providing your training needs. Contact ACS by email:, Telephone (217)273-6490, follow us on Facebook at Applied COmbative Solutions LLC or our website: