Clarence Funneman

Accuracy Firearms Muzzleloader Care and Maintance


The Training:

You will receive training specific to the Care and Maintance of Muzzleloading Firearms. This is an entry level course which is designed to educate hunters and shooters in the proper technique for the cleaning and maintenance of their muzzleloading firearms. This course will cover the following: Proper cleaning, proper loading and unloading, General Maintance, and proper powder and bullet loads.


Tuition is $40.00 per person for the 2 hour class . Students must be pre-registered. Interested parties can register by email to:, phone: 217-342-2767, or by stopping by the store. Please include the following information: Your name, telephone number, method of payment – cash, personal check, or credit/debit card (to be paid upon arrival at the class).


You will need the following items for this course: 1) A muzzleloading firearm 2) Breech plug tool 3) Cleaning jag 4) Ram rod


This course is instructed by Clarence Funneman. Clarence Funneman Jr is a son, husband, father, and renowned gunsmith. He has been interested in firearms since childhood, taking apart guns much to his father’s dismay when he was around eight or nine years old. He started his business February of 2001 and officially closed it the spring of 2016, bringing 15 years as an independent gun dealer and gunsmith to an end. Now, Clarence has partnered with Accuracy Firearms, to bring his knowledge and gunsmithing to the new state of the art facility. Clarence will focus on his main interest of repairing and modifying firearms, but will also assist customers with the same enthusiasm as he always has. Clarence has taken numerous opportunities to polish his craft. He spent three years apprenticing under a Master Gunsmith. He graduated from the Cylinder and Slide School of Gunsmithing for Revolvers as well as the 1911 Pistol Custom Build and Re-barreling & Troubleshooting 1911 Pistols. He is also a certified Smith and Wesson M&P Armorer. Whether it's working on your grandfathers shotgun, lightening the trigger on your favorite pistol, or working on greater accuracy out of your hunting rifle, Clarence Funneman is the gunsmith you're looking for.