Kenneth Higginbotham

West Central Illinois CCL Recertification Course


This class will meet the requirements for RENEWAL of your existing Illinois Concealed Carry License.

Upon completion of this course of instruction, you have met the requirements of reviewing the Conceal Carry Law and completing your re-qualification course of fire. The course of fire has not changed from the course you completed to obtain your original License. You will fire 30 rounds total. 10 each from the 5 yard, 7 yard and 10 yard line on a standard B-27 target. You must place no less than 21 rounds into the scoring area to pass the course of fire.

The remainder of the class will consist of law review.

You will be required to bring a concealable handgun and no less than 30 rounds of ammunition. You will also be required to bring hearing protection and protective eyewear.

After successful completion of the course, you will receive your recertification certificate which you will need to submit to the State of Illinois for your license renewal.

The state will require you to complete the online application process, submit a photo, and the required license fee of $150, along with your renewal certificate of class completion. The state police have stated that the renewal process will take 90-120 days. The same as for your original license.

In order to attend this recertification course, please complete the registration form and submit the form and class fee as indicated at the bottom of the renewal form.

Before attending the class, I would recommend that you access the Illinois State Police Web Site and read a few different documents. You could alternatively read these at the public library.

430 ILCS 66 – Firearms Concealed Carry Act, 430 ILCS 65 – FOID Act, 720 ILCS 5/7-1 Use of Force in Defense of a Person, 720 ILCS 5/7-2 Use of Force in Defense of a Dwelling, 720 ILCS 5/7-3 Use of Force in Defense of a Other Property, and 720 ILCS 24/1 Unlawful Use of Weapons. Read and remember these Illinois Laws. These are what you are expected to know prior to carrying a firearm. Having the knowledge given in these laws are what will keep you out of prison, or put you in one. They are pretty important. I am not an Attorney. I don’t claim to have any legal knowledge beyond reading those same documents. Nothing I say in this class, will keep you out of prison if you break one of these laws. We will go over them during the class, but you need to read them and understand them. I don’t want “Good Guys” going to prison.

I am looking forward to spending some time with you discussing firearms. It has been a great passion of mine for many years. I have found that I enjoy the “teaching” part, even more than the shooting part these days. I hope to be able to provide you with some useful information and I hope you become one of the “Good Guys with a Gun”.

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Kenneth Higginbotham