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ACS Combative Carbine 1



Persons must be at least 18 years old and have obtained a valid Illinois FOID Card under Illinois Law 430 ILCS 65/. Refer to the specific laws that apply on the Illinois State Police website:

The Training:

You will receive training specific to the "Modern Technique" of the defensive carbine (AR-15 platform). This is an entry level combative course which is both mindset and fundamentals based and will focus on close quarters defensive carbine skills. This course will cover the following: Proper zero, Correct nomenclature for the carbine, Body mechanics and proper mount of the weapon, Gun handling drills, Initial CQB (Close Quarter Battle) weapon manipulations to 25 yards, Equipment considerations and more. This class is designed to elevate the 'owner' of a carbine to a true 'user' of a carbine. The course is step one in our "Building Block" series of carbine classes. 


Tuition is $160.00 per person for the 8 hour class. Class size will be limited to 5 students and will fill quickly. The listed price includes all range fees. Students must be pre-registered. Interested parties can register by email to: Your email should contain the following information: Your name, telephone number, method of payment - cash or personal check (to be paid upon arrival at the class), and carbine type/manufacturer. Upon receiving your registration email, a course rules and administration sheet will be emailed back to you with additional information. 


You will need the following items for this course: 1) An AR-15 type rifle/carbine. 2) 250 rnds of 223/5.56 target ammunition (minimum). 3) At least 2 usable magazines for your carbine. 4) A usable sling. 5) Eye and ear protection. 6) An open mind. All other equipment requirements will be emailed to you as part of your enrollment packet. Certificates of completion will be provided at the end of the class.

Who we are:

Applied Combative Solutions LLC is a Veteran Owned small business providing firearms training and consulting services. Our instructors have been training Military, Law Enforcement, Gov. Contract Security, and Responsible Citizens since 2001. We look forward to providing your training needs. Contact ACS by Email:, follow us on Facebook at Applied Combative Solutions or our website: